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Products Machines:

Vertical Coil Slitting - ( Re Rewind )-cutting machine (friction) - DDB series

Vertical Coil slicing-cutting machine (friction 'lu) - DDB series
  • 400m./min. High speedboat
  • Provides ease of setting the laser beam
  • Nice price
  • Friction'lı nm system (different diameters on the same shaft to wind coils feature)
  • Border Control System (photocell)
  • Touch Screen
  • AUTOMATIC SYSTEM blood pressure (the larger or smaller diameter material difference to improve the OPTICAL eyes or loose brake turns.)

Can be cut PRODUCTS: Mikron with differences (PVC sleeve products etc. ..) the easy part, the paper, OPP, CPP, MOPP, PVC, PET (polyester), wet wipes (Nanwoven), Sterile paper, printed, unprinted products. Click For details...

Coil cutting-machine-language Yatık YDB series

  • 600m./min. High speedboat
  • Ease of Setup
  • Appropriate price
  • Border Control System (photocell)
  • And makes it easy to hang-out of material crane system (optional)

Can be cut PRODUCTS: Paper, OPP, CPP, MOPP, PVC, PET (polyester), wet wipes (Nanwoven), Sterile paper, printed, unprinted Click For details...

Layers Machine (reel)

  • Gift Packages

  • Dish Defter
  • Promotional products
  • Using simple layers of materials that can be used ebatlamada Florist Machine
  • Counter (counting the number plates automatically stop unit to the desired feature)

Bobbin Cutting Machine

  • Suitable for use in all kinds of sectors.
  • Quick disconnect feature and serial
  • Bobbin Cutting Machine
  • Easy to use
  • 76mm and 152 mm internal diameter can be cut

Press Machine (for shock)

  • Scrap materials are designed to hold less space press machine
  • With much less volume of material is compressed.
  • 300 kg of the product according to the type of
  • Cool (pinomatik models)
  • Hydraulic Models

Spare Parts - Maintenance-Repair Jobs

  • 152 mm coil allows the use of practical inflatable wedge shafts.
  • SHAFT swelling (450 - 2500 mm arası)
  • Friction mile or apparatus
  • Spare Parts
  • Repair Maintenance Works
  • Round blade system
  • Repair of the shaft explosion
Slitting - ( Re Rewind ) Machine Details
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