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Machinery manufacturing are:


Coil Slitting - ( Re Rewind )-cutting machine (horizontal-cool shaft)

Coil Slitting - ( Re Rewind )-cutting machine (vertical-friction shafts)

Layers and layer cutting machine (spinning wheel)

Cutting machine-Slitting - ( Re Rewind ) machine bobbin

Press Machine

Spare parts-Maintenance - Repair jobs

Package Products:

PVC sleeve

  • Body sleeve
  • Security sleeve (Security tape)
  • Promotional Sleeve
  • Coil Sleeve (max En1.000mm ,40-50-70 microns)

Pvc shrink film ( şirink film)

POF shrink film(Poliolefin şirink film)

Strecth film ( streç film )


Essential principles of honesty and good faith to follow the technological developments, aims to give customers the services they deserve to.

In this context, our rate (ability to respond immediately), and high quality of our suppliers as an alternative, but your choice! "We will.

Packaging and Machinery as flags in the right packaging and the machinery sector has taken place

In general, the sectors to address

Machinery Sector:Packaging BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, PA, OPA paper, LDPE, HDPE, Synthetic paper, Nanwoven, PVC, PVC sleeve (shrinkable), Shrink, Labels, Printing, Lamination, Gift packaging, Flowers, Bags, Slitting - ( Re Rewind ) , Custom slitting and Roll cutting, electric, electronic, (cut Slitting - ( Re Rewind ) machines used in sector-paper cutting machine bobbins, coil cutting machines, coil Slitting - ( Re Rewind ) machine, cutting machine masura) Stationery sector etc ...

Package Sector:Egg (şirink film), Soap (pvc sleeve), Promotion (sleeve) Gift Articles, Iron, Paper, Food, Printing, Laminated, Pallet Wrappers (streçleme), Cosmetics, Cleaning, Water, Jam Jar, Jar of honey, buttermilk, butter, food packaging, bottles, etc. ..

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